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  • What is Imvu?

    Imvu is an online social network, where users can create 3D avatars to socialise and play games with other users around the world. The network was founded in 2004 was grown year on year since, from its HQ in Silicon Valley, California.
  • How many users does Imvu have?

    There are more than 50 million registered accounts. Of this number, 10 million use the platform at least once a month, whilst there are 3 million 'active' monthly users. It is one of the most popular 3D social networks in the world.
  • Who uses Imvu?

    The 50 million strong user base is made up of, predominantly, 18 - 24 year olds. The next highest demographic is 35+, making up 7% of the user base. You must be 13 years old to register an account and use the platform.
  • Will my computer run Imvu?

    The platform is a very low resource 3D social network, available on both Windows PC and Mac. Most modern computer, with a stable broadband connection, will be able to run it without any problems. Imvu runs in the web browser and requires no downloads.
  • What languages is Imvu available in?

    The platform is available in 20+ languages, with the most popular being English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish and Indonesian.
  • Is Imvu free to use?

    No payment is required up front to register an account and utilise the platform. Every user gets 1,000 credits to use, more of which can be purchased (for real life currency) later on, but are not required to play the game.
  • Will Imvu run on a tablet?

    Some tablets are able to run the platform through their mobile web browsers. Entry level tablets like Kindle Fires may not be able to, but Windows tablets with high end specifications should be able to run it without any interruptions.
  • How can I get free credits?

    Every new account will be given 1,000 free credits, but beyond this you will need to pay for additional credits. There are lots of survey and download sites that offer free credits in exchange for completion of forms or downloads, but these are not authorised and should generally be avoided.
  • Will Imvu give me a virus?

    The platform is a legitimate social network, and comes without any malware, spyware or virus programmes. Ensure that you access the platform through the official website and avoid any third party websites trying to offer free credits, and you will be in a very safe position.
  • What are dev tokens on Imvu?

    The vast majority of the items available within the digital marketplace are created by community developers, rather than developers working for Imvu. These developers are able to earn real-life money by creating content and items, which are then purchased by users with their in-game credits. Developer tokens are earned by developers through selling items or having their homepage stickers clicked by other users. Unless you are a developer, you are not able to access dev tokens.


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