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Dixie Paige
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"Don't download this, it's owned by prejudice people."

Imvu is a terrible game. I'm a 4 year long player, 2 years with my current account, and when you first register, they tell you that it's freedom and all types of other lingo dingo bull. So, since the shootings in Charleston, SC (I live in SC) IMVU has decided they will not allow sells or purchases of ANYTHING that has to do with a rebel flag. My name is Dixie, and they added the name Dixie to the Premium names, which I have a HUGE problem with. I have a problem with it for one, because if you ban the rebel flag, you need to ban all other things that have to do with the south. IMVU has gone to hell in a handbasket, and IMVU needs to be shut down.

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30 Jul 2015

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