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"Great fun, but at great risk."

IMVU is a great place to hangout, meet people with similar interests, and even make a connection, but it can be perilous for any users who are not well-versed on how to protect themselves online. Have good virus protection before you download this program; COUNTLESS third-party sources have leaked viruses through IMVU's outdated client, through advertisements, free credit offers and even through the client itself, which offers little to no protection for its users. If you MUST use a credit card for online purchases DO NOT allow IMVU to save your information under ANY circumstances. Use PayPal wherever possible, and keep a close eye on your finances should you use the card in case of malicious activity. Furthermore, beware of the numerous password phishers and link-whores, who will attempt to get you to click on a link that will download a virus onto your hard drive. DO NOT TRUST STRANGE LINKS from ANYBODY, even people on your friends list, as accounts are compromised nearly everyday and repurposed to spread malware and adware. Have fun, but be smart. Be safe. Happy trails.

  • Unique 3D chat interface
  • Countless character customization options
  • Does a good job at keeping age groups separate (18+ and >18)
  • Cliquey userbase, at times, with occasional elitists
  • Outdated client rife with glitches and exploits for hackers(script kiddies)
  • Standoffish support team that emphasizes premium users

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18 Nov 2014

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  1. Unique 3D IM client with avatars