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- About 2 months ago I logged into IMVU as I normally would.

I had bought VIP + Name change token and decided that I wanted to change my name on IMVU.

I messaged a "customer service" employee through [Help Agent - a new and faster way VIPs can

get help from its employees]. As soon as I asked the "customer service employee = cse" for the

name change, he asked me to verify that I was the owner of the account. I was flabbergasted, and

before I could verify my account he had banned it. I contacted IMVU asking why they had banned

my account, and they said that they believe it was hacked.

After 1 month of abuse from IMVUs employee, their lack of care and their poor service, I gave my

ID + Creditcard information for that account and telling them that I had a new credit card, therefore the

credit card information isn't the same on the account considering the last time I bought anything on it

was years ago. They gave me back the account and I asked IMVU to compensate for the time I had lost due to their

incompentence. They then extended my VIP for a month.

- 2 months later, I couldn't log into one of my other accounts (S) since I forgot the password and email for it.

I then logged into my account (E) asking IMVU through "Help Agent" for the email to my (S) account so that I can

reset my password and get into my account. They said they wouldn't give me the email to the account, stating that

if I was the owner I would've remembered the email. - (Keep in mind that I contacted them because I didn't remember

the email).

After repeating that I was the owner and I can't remember the email and if they gave me the email I could verify that it was

my account, they stated no continuisly and banned my (S) account. They also banned the account I was asking from (E) account.

Without me knowing that they had banned that I account, I had decided to contact IMVU again through another of my account (B), the

one I previously stated that was banned about 2 months ago. I asked for the email and they said no still and decided to ban my (B)

account also. All under the claim that I had hacked an account or hacked the accounts i'm writing from.

I was obviously pissed off and decided to ask from a 4th account of mine (N) about why IMVU was a shit corporation and methods to verify

the accounts that were banned. They just decided to ban that account also (N).

So basically they banned 4 of my accounts within 3 days, all without reasons except for the fact that I asked for my email.

They then asked me to verify that I am the owner, by sending my ID + Credit card scan + Images of me holding it. Which I did send, they also

asked questions for me to answer to show that I am the owner, which I also did.

- Note: I sent the answers they needed from the very beginning so that it wouldn't take long for them to give me back my account.

- Note: Out of all 4 accounts, my credit card information was on one of them, since I am an escort that has people pay me things online

for my service, and I decided that they should buy things on IMVU for me. - I don't really talk to them much afterwards, if the service they're

paying for is for example: (Cam.) So there's no way I can get their information when I stop talking to them.

- Note: Most of the payments are several years ago.

So I sent them my ID + Credit card information ; they asked for (An information I already sent 1 month ago to get my account back, which they

approved of and gave me back.). After weeks of them evading the real problem of them verifying my accounts, and asking me the same questions

over and over again. After weeks of sending multiple tickets because some of the customer service employees just neglected to do their job.

One of the employees finally replied to the (ID + Information I sent) and said it didn't match any of the accounts. - How could that be? Considering

the same information I gave JUST 2 MONTHS ago was accepted and now you say it won't be accepted.

I had explained the situation a million times to them as to why I cannot / couldn't provide the other information since the credit card wasn't mine.

- They then stated that I should get it somehow and won't give me my account back until I have those information.

On the 4 accounts banned I had recently spent 800 USD, within 2 / 3 months.

I had given them the information they asked for and complied, and even explained my situation.

- IMVU has 2 methods of verifying your accounts when banned.

(1) They ask you a bunch of questions, answers only the owner would know.

(2) They ask for your ID + Passport + Credit card scan.

Both which I answered and sent to them - However upon calling IMVUs billing service department in order to get my accounts back, they stated that

the answers / replies and co-operation with them wasn't satisfactory, therefore I wouldn't be recieving my accounts back.

- I had sent countless of help tickets with the information they wanted.

- I had called them countless of times verifying the same informations and they still said no.

When I was talking to one of the employees, they had said that the account (S) was not banned at all, but they'd still need verification in order for me to get

the account back. (3 days after, I saw that the account was then banned permanently, they also banned my (B) account permanently).

Weeks after all this problems and countless arguments with the staff, I started recieving calls on my mobile phone from (IMVUs customer / human resources department.)

I don't even know how they got my number considering I never gave it to them. - I also didn't pick up the calls at first because I had no idea who it was, after I recalled

the number it was (IMVUs customer / human resources department.). I asked them for the reason why they kept calling me and the "employee" was apparently someone

from the front desk, and didn't know anything about the incident, but decided to proceed to ask them to call me again. (It was night when the call came and I was asleep)

I called them back just to get the answer as to why they wanted to get a hold of me, and still the employee said they'd call me back again. (Why they couldn't just handle

the reason right then and there is beyond me. They seemed confused and didn't know what was going on. The employee at the front desk knew my name but still failed

to address the issue, and they kept hanging up before I was done talking.)

I then asked IMVU to (stop) the payments of VIP I had bought on 3 of the accounts, because I was told even after you are banned and the account isn't claimed then the

payment still goes on and they can still get money from your banned accounts. (Which they stopped on 1 of the accounts, even though they claim i'm not the owner they

still went ahead with that.) I then asked them, "You claim i'm not the owner of the accounts, yet you stopped the payments based on me telling you to. So basically if I was

a hacker as you claim, then you would stop transactions another person has made on their accounts?". They failed to answer that question and hung up.

I had also asked them. "What if I had made an account, and a hacker had hacked my account and bought things on that account, do I then need their ID + Creditcard then?.

Considering you're banning me on that pretense, and saying NO OTHER VERIFICATION METHOD ELSE CAN BE USED TO RETRIEVE YOUR ACCOUNT, then basically you can

steal my account and i'd have no way of getting it back even if I AM THE OWNER". They still didn't answer that and evaded the question.

- They have banned 2 out of the 4 accounts permanently. WITHOUT reason. The other 2 I will never get back and it's only a matter of time before they ban it permanently also.

IMVU delibrately uses methods that can be interpreted in many ways and is beyond flawed, so that they can scam people (from the money they've spent on the account/s)

so that the person makes a new account and spend as much money and IMVU "has the right" to ban your account without reason. It's in their "T.O.S". Basically says "We

can scam you and you can do nothing about it".

All this could've been easily fixed through different verification methods, such as email, mobile phone, mobile app - security questions, IP address they claim to know of.

MILLIONS OF OTHER METHODS TO FIX IT, but no they deliberately chose that method in order to scam you, and when you write the truth about IMVUs scam, they ban you

and delete the messages you've written on the forum in order to conceal the truth.

I'm afraid of using IMVU now. I can't log into the other accounts I have because if I contact them in the future for (name change) or any troubles with my accounts they will / can

ban me without reason. I'm afraid to make new accounts for the same reason. I have decided I will not be using their website further more. They've scammed thousands of dollars out of me and other

clients over the years. Not only do they do a terrible job FOR the people that pay them to exist, they also have horrible immigrant employees that suck at english and suck at basic

common sense. The job interview procedures are the same. NO ONE at IMVU Inc do a good job. It's surprising that the goverment and (others) give kids that don't even know how to manage a business

lots of money to continue it's scam.

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26 Feb 2015

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